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Our CV writing partner offers over 15 years of CV writing experience to make sure your CV stands out from the crowd.

Why it is important to have a fantastic CV

Having a good CV is the key to successful job searching. Employers and recruiters are increasingly asking candidates to have a professional CV prepared in recognition of the fact that a professional CV writer will expose and reveal your skills and achievements in a relevant, interesting manner, specifically targeted to match the type of jobs you are seeking. Ultimately making it easy for them to see you are the right candidate for the job.

A good CV is one that blends your personality with core skills, salient accomplishments and relevant experience. A great CV is one that matches this with the jobs that you are applying for. A fantastic CV is one that makes the employer sit up, take notice and compels them to invite you to an interview. Which one is your CV?

Here are some things to look out for on your existing CV:

  • Does it have any achievements?
  • Is it written in a ‘passive voice’ i.e. responsible for ….duties included….?
  • Do you have a targeted skills section?
  • Does it include all the relevant noun phrases needed for your area of work to make sure it gets through ATS systems when you apply for jobs on line?
  • Is it presented beautifully on 2 pages?
  • Is it saved in PDF?

If your existing CV is lacking in any of the above, chances are you need a new CV in order to secure interviews.

We care passionately about our clients and can guarantee you the highest level of attention at every step of your journey back to work.


Writer Partner Bio

Charlotte EveFor the last 15 years I have been a professional CV writer and Managing Director of CK Futures Ltd – I love my work and cannot imagine doing anything else.

Most small businesses begin with a genuine passion, my story is no different. I always enjoyed writing but wasn’t sure how to carve a successful career out of it, so I opted for business and completed a degree in Business Administration, gradually moving into a career in HR with Hilton Hotels. During this experience I was in charge of the recruitment for 2 large hotels in the South as well as contributing towards their graduate recruitment nationwide. It troubled me that so many candidates at all levels were presenting very poor quality CVs, many of which were similar in layout, wording and presentation.

As the employer, I found it increasingly hard to recruit the best candidates based on their CV and slowly the idea of forming a CV writing business began to take shape. I set up CK Futures in 1998 and haven’t looked back since. Applying my employers perspective, I write CVs that employers actually want to read and respond positively to. A great believer in ‘no rules’ when it comes to CVs, I always wanted to steer clear of the text book approach to CV writing, because every candidate is unique and their CV should reflect this.

Within a couple of years of starting CK Futures, I was approached by a leading welfare to work provider to write CVs for their hardest to help clients who were struggling to find work. I jumped at the chance, realising that this client group was the one that could benefit the most from what we do. Since then, we have steadily become specialists writing CVs for individuals who are not presently working and we find this the most rewarding aspect of our work.

From this expansion of the business, I had to find more CV writers to cope with the volume of the work we were beginning to receive. At one stage, we were writing up to 700 CVs per month across the UK with a team of 22 writers.

Alongside the CV writing side of the business, I have also been asked to train numerous recruitment and back to work organisations in how to create interview generating CVs, job searching techniques, interview coaching, covering letters and application form supporting statements. I have enjoyed training over 5000 professionals in the UK who in turn work with a range of clients who are seeking employment.

Since starting CK Futures, I have also had two children and am eternally grateful to have a business I can run from my home!
CV Writing has changed a great deal since I started in 1998 with LinkedIn becoming increasingly more important and Applicant Tracking Systems selecting CVs even before they reach a human. I constantly strive to be up to date with emerging trends and technology making sure my customers are always ahead of the competition.